Table of Contents

*Free Chapters*


Kimber Kabell Lim


*In the Power of Your Stillness:
First, Do No Harm*

Albertine Phan

*Extraordinarily Normal*

Pam Zimmer

New Career Chameleon

Barbara Wirth

Shine Bright for the World

Rochelle Forrest

You Are the Creator,
Not the Created

Sajeela Cormack

The Worn Coat

Nohra M. Leff

Shine Your Light

Barbara Niven

Women Soaring Past
the $1 Million Mark

Sandra Yancey

Intuition + Intention
= Your Dream Fulfilled

Mai Lieu

Beauty, Oneness
and Human Harmony

Taylore B. Sinclaire

Into the Light

Marcy Cole, PhD

Transforming Ourselves,
Changing the World

Dr. Jean Shinoda-Bolen

There Will Always Be Dragons!

Joy Long

Only She Who Attempts
the Absurd Will Achieve
the Impossible

Dr. Linda Brodsky

What's Your Next Sail?

Zaida Garcia

All You Have to Do Is Ask

Dixie Daly

Phenomenal Mischief

Haumea Hanakahi

Living Heaven on Earth

Ruby Yeh

A Strong Finish

Nancy Sommers

The Health Trinity

Sherah Danielle

*Achieve Your Dreams
-Have a Plan B*

Michele A.Wilson

*Say Yes to Success*

Laura Ellsworth

Evolving Out of the Blue

Clare Dreyer

Be Bold on Behalf of Others

Andrea Herz Payne

To Live Is To Act

Janet Palmer

Live It!

Zoya Bokhoor

The Leap:
From Confusion to Clarity

Rosemary Bredeson

Be Your Own Hero

Allison Izu Song

Women Can Change the World

Runa Bergmann

This Is a Love Story

Kimber Kabell Lim

The Alchemy of the Heart

Carrie Woodburn

Sustainable Joy

Lorraine Francis

From Tomboy to Enchantress

Debra Jean Smith

Believe and Be Blessed

Dr. Emma Jean Thompson

Sacred Passage

Suzane Piela, RN

The Depth of Belief

Joan Cameron

The Essence of Strategy:
Getting to the Heart
of Getting Things Done

Sherrin Ross Ingram

The Power of Choice

Joy Leach

The Courage to Forgive

Mia-Michelle Henry


Kimber Kabell Lim